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Jaffe knew that with the return of Mandela and the A.N.C. to the power, the apartheid would not finish. This biography allows to look to the world from a different per­spective. revealing the reality is always working for peace. Hosea Jaffe actively participated since the age of twenty at the “Non-European Unity Movement” (NEUM), already in dialectic with the Communist Party and the A.N.C.: only a non-white political force could have removed apartheid. Marxist Jaffe considered that capitalism is the consequence of colonialism, and not vice versa. His critique of Euro-Communism started from the criticism of the racism of Engels and in recent years he denounced the racist values of Marx’s theory, creating scandal among various South African comrades. His ability to predict the economic crisis and international political landscapes was particularly acute, and he taught that the liberation from the multinationals company is the only way for the so-called underdeveloped countries.

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