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There are moments in history when the scenarios go beyond the generations. The invention of writing, the development of the scientific method, the use of electricity, are all examples of such discontinuities which, although disruptive, were not perceived as points of no return. Digital technologies represent a challenge from the point of view of their theoretical interpretation. Is humanity facing another historical passage or what is happening today only represent the evolution of a trend that does not change the sense of the processes? The transformations in production and work represent the privileged place to understand it. The book analyzes this debate with a real theoretical comparison between different, and partly divergent, readings of the consequent needs for politics and human action. Bellucci describes this shift as an epochal one from one socio-economic formation to another, a true Transition. For the author, a real "rupture of civilization and meaning" is taking place, like the one that marked the journey from the era of agricultural society to that of industrial society. The contributions of the other authors broaden the theoretical comparison, which remains open and will give the reader tools to mature his own idea on this historical transition.

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